The white washing of Christianity

Would you be as excited about Christianity if Jesus looked like this?brown jesus

We are completely “brainwashed” to think that Jesus looked like a painting done in 1940, with long red hair and very white skin.  painting of Jesus

The names of the more prominent characters in the Bible have been changed to easy to pronounce (and name our kids) names like Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  I read an article online about “50 actual people who were named in the Bible”.  They were mostly kings and Pharaohs and they had long Egyptian and Middle-Eastern names.  Those names weren’t changed for our benefit.  The only reason we are familiar with Methuselah is because someone noticed he lived longer than anyone else.  Would Christianity have flourished if the images and the names weren’t modified when it changed location?  It’s like the Mormons thinking Jesus is going to return to Missouri.  People are probably grateful they don’t have to travel so far.


And have dominion over every living thing that moveth upon the earth

If God created man to be the top of the food chain, he would have not created us hairless (dependent upon animals for warmth), he would have enabled us to fly, breathe under water, kill something with a simple bite, cling to walls,  change color for camoflage, etc.  We would have had the best of all the other animals’ survival attributes.

John 3:15

“That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life”.

I keep coming back to this because it is so nonsensical.  People quote it all the time but does anyone ever pay attention to the meaning?  People would defend it by saying “it’s not what they meant” but it would have been just as easy to write what they meant.  No that’s what they meant – this was written back when Christianity was an end of the world cult.  Jesus said he was going to return in the lifetime of his listeners.  That they would not die – but he would return before their deaths and they would live forever.  That didn’t happen.  Jesus lied, just like God lied when he told Adam he would die the same day he ate the apple.

So today, it doesn’t mean if you believe in Jesus you go to heaven.  You can’t apply that sentence to anyone beyond the generation that was living in Jesus’ time.  Jesus isn’t going to come back.  Why would you say, ok, he lied about living forever, but he told the truth the rest of the time.  The Bible is the original “fake news”.  This is why so many people today believe nonsensical conspiracy theories and lying politicians.  They are not taught to think for themselves, or to question things.  It’s too scary.  I believe it’s too scary not to.

God’s more destructive than my new puppy

So God floods the world and saves all but Noah, his 3 sons and their wives.  And one of his sons, Ham (odd name, given that it is an abomination to eat it) had offspring who became the Jebusites, the Amorites, the Girgasites, the Hivites, and Arkites, the Sinites the Arvadites, the Zemarites, and the Hamathites (aka the Canaanites). (Gen 10:16-18) Then later, at Deuteronomy 20:17, God says to the Israelites, “But thou shalt utterly destroy them – the Hittites, Amonites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and the Jebusites.” Why?

Jesus will return to judge the quick and the dead

As quoted in Acts 10:42, 2 Timothy 4:1 and 1 Peter 4:5; but what about all the people who died before Jesus was born?  Were they all celebrating amongst themselves, “Yay! Jesus is finally here to judge us! and we will no longer be dead!” And then one smartass goes, “no dipshits, he has to RETURN.  This is just his first go-round.”  And they were all maudlin once again.


It’s not my time

You can’t really say, “God has a plan for me” or “God knows the hour and minute everyone dies.” Some people believe God speaks to them, don’t you think God would tell them when they’re going to die?  That would be handy.  And if you believe it’s not your time, you could ostensibly jump out of an airplane without a parachute.  But that just means you’ll be in a lot of pain until it’s your time.  What does that accomplish?  God isn’t paying the hospital bills or solving the health insurance mess.  God isn’t solving the opioid crisis now is he?  There wouldn’t be a “death row” if God had the ability to take out a person who disobeyed the 10 commandments.   There was a segment on the news last night about incorrect cancer screenings – that some people weren’t diagnosed as having cancer when they really did have cancer. And they sued and won millions.  One woman broke down in tears because she would have lived longer and seen her children longer if she’d  been diagnosed earlier.   If you’re in a “better place” after you die, we wouldn’t feel anguish when someone died.  We wouldn’t have a survival instinct.  EMT’s wouldn’t exist. There would be no Heimlich maneuver or CPR to the beat of Stayin’ Alive.

Religion was created by humans out of fear of death.  But it didn’t totally take it away.