Health insurance debate

I find it highly ironic (?) that in the midst of the health insurance debate (debacle?) John McCain is diagnosed with brain cancer from which he may not recover.  Despite that, I have seen numerous instances of people online saying they are praying for him.

If prayer worked, we wouldn’t need health insurance would we?



God answers our prayers even when we don’t know the words

Just now I was going to take a screen shot of the tornado warning map on my computer that was about 1/4 mile north of my house and make a joke about it on FB (being outside of the tornado warning – with the picture of the red line behind my house etc) when as I was about to click the shutter, the red line disappeared, and I refreshed the map and the tornado warning had gone away entirely.

If I were religious, I would make a huge deal of that.  Like the time I was pushing my son in the swing when he was a toddler, and I literally heard a voice in my head (this has only happened twice, thank god) telling me to look up in the tree.  I did, and my favorite bird – a painted bunting – had stopped in my yard during spring migration to feast on my mulberries.  What’s up with that?  The only other time that has happened was when I was pregnant (and I may very well have been pregnant when I saw the bird – if it was my older child I was pushing in the swing – I could check my bird records and see) and my husband was going on a geologic field trip to Mexico for a week and he left for the airport while I was still in bed.  I was barely awake, and as I heard him close the door and lock it, I thought, “he’s got my keys”.  And sure enough, he had my set of keys, and we didn’t have any extras (before kids).  I freaked out, as I knew  I was miscarrying and needed to go to the doctor that week.  I looked all over for my keys, and finally sat on the floor with the phone book trying to think of how to contact someone at the airport and have him leave the keys at the Continental desk or something, when I heard him come back in.  He goes, what’s wrong?  And I said, you’ve got my keys, and he said, I know, I found them when I reached the first toll booth when I went into my pocket for change.  You need to drive me to the airport now.  I gladly did.

They say intuition is stronger during pregnancy – I guess as an extra protective measure.  Which leads me to a whole ‘nother topic that I will write on later – our survival isntinct.

But my initial point is that I don’t pray.  A very religious person would have been praying and praying for that tornado to turn or die,  which it did.  Maybe my neighbor prayed for me.  Which is another point – if everybody prays the tornado doesn’t hit THEIR house – do they not care about their neighbors?  Are the ones whose house gets hit not praying hard enough?  How would you ever measure that?


Facebook pages related to God

If you search “God” on Facebook, you get a plethora of hits.  Some are referred to as “public figures” some as “fictional characters”, some as “interests”.   The one with the most followers is “God” listed as an interest, with 7,661,375 followers.  Second to this is Godvine, with 6,829,861 followers. Third is “God”  listed as “fictional character” with 5,040,604 followers, which cracks me up.  I would have thought that the person was making a parody account by characterizing him as a fictional character.

Godvine also has another page on FB called, “God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them”.  That’s some deep shit there.  So you don’t have to pray after all.  All those people that say, ‘he didn’t stop molesting you because you weren’t praying hard enough’ don’t know what they’re talking about.  Or maybe it’s that God understands our prayers, but doesn’t answer them or answers them with a resounding, “no”.   Why would a “loving god” not fix the problem you’re praying about – be it take you out of pain from cancer, or stop a tornado from hitting your house, or whatever.  If “God can do anything” and “God answers all prayers” God would do you you wanted, and not just give you an answer you don’t want to hear, right?

I was also looking again at all the “pray for ________” pages on Facebook. In the first 25 or so I looked at, all of them, 100% were receiving medical attention.  7 had an obvious link to a fundraiser, usually gofundme. Seems they could pray that their medical bills would get paid but they don’t.  Most did not get better; their Facebook pages went on for months.  Many were newborns or infants.  The medical issues ranged from near drowning to pedestrian hit and run to brain cancer. Most were some kind of systemic health issue they were born with. One guy, a car accident victim, posted a link to a product for quads that facilitated the whole bathroom issue.  Prayers weren’t working, apparently. If prayer worked, that product wouldn’t exist.

If they didn’t pray and only received medical attention, would the doctors not do their best?

If prayer worked, this whole mess with Obamacare wouldn’t exist.  You wouldn’t need health insurance.  People wouldn’t be testifying in front of congress about how “if it weren’t for Obamacare, I wouldn’t be here”. Guess they didn’t pray hard enough, either.



One true religion

Funny how each religion says that if you don’t believe THEIR version, after you die, you experience eternal torture.

Yet all the people in these religions believe God answers their prayers on a daily basis.  So either God doesn’t care what religion you are, or religion is man-made.  And nothing happens after you die.


Medical miracles

Someone posted online a link to a story about a cop who had a heart attack.  They rushed him to the hospital and worked on him for 45 minutes (probably not that unusual).  He flatlined and they told the wife he died.  She said her last goodbyes, but a nurse detected a faint heartbeat so he was resuscitated and flown to another hospital for emergency surgery.  The family credits they prayer – they were fervently religious to the point where the pastor had arrived at the hospital.

Maybe the nurse was moved by the prayers of the family, and paid attention to that faint heartbeat.  But I’m confused by the quote from the patient after his “miraculous” recovery – “I’m one of God’s modern-day miracles”.   Why would God bring you back to life if he gave you the heart attack?  If getting to heaven is the point of being on this earth during our lives, why come back to life?  Wouldn’t you rather be in heaven where there’s no taxes to pay, traffic congestion, pain, etc.?  If heaven really was the goal, we wouldn’t feel remorse when someone died.  We would be ecstatic.  We wouldn’t have a survival instinct.  There wouldn’t be EMTs saving people’s lives; we would have death assistants.

We have a survival instinct (as do all animals) because we weren’t created.  We evolved.  Procreation is an instinct.  Not dying is an instinct – it’s why instinct and extinct have the same suffix.

Please pray the surgery goes smoothly

As the practice of medicine evolved, why didn’t people realize that prayer should give way to surgery?  Why do both?  People who ask for prayers on Facebook and give daily updates about their loved ones’ recovery from a car accident or other health – related issue, don’t seem to be bothered by the irony of asking for prayer  and giving a blow-by-blow account of the surgeries that are a direct cause of the recovery.  If you didn’t pray, but only saw a doctor, would God get pissed off and kill the person?  How would the lack of prayer affect the recovery?  If you ONLY prayed and didn’t seek medical attention,  your caretaker would be thrown in jail when you died. Happens all the time – but usually to peoples’ kids, usually Christian Scientists.  The courts have upheld that the religion cannot change its tenents that one does not need to seek medical attention, but caregivers still have a legal duty to do so.  (Lundman v. McKown Court of Appeals Minnesota April 1995 530 NW 2nd 816).

The following is what really drives me nuts:

11 months after his accident (redacted) is back at (redacted) with his friends and campers. He is continuing to make steady progress in his walking. (redacted) also completed his new student orientation at (redacted) in June. Thank you for your continued prayers throughout this past year! We are thankful and grateful for all the progress (redacted) has and will continue to make. To God be the glory!