What’s the worst that could happen?

What’s the worst thing that would happen if there was no religion?  You just die.  You cease to exist.  You don’t got to heaven and see all your dead relatives.  (Good news: you don’t go to hell either).

Religion was invented out of fear of death.  Christianity touted, ” If you believe in Jesus, you do not perish, but live an eternal life”.   (If that were true, we’d still be on our first Pope.)  The movie “The Invention of Lying” nails this concept.



Facebook censoring

Various Facebook secular sites are being shut down recently, despite very violent memes being shared on religious sites.  People are very frightened of free-thinkers, apparently, and they think that shutting a page down on Facebook makes everything ok.  “Scary Bible Quote of the Day” gets shut down regularly, and the writer behind “Awkward Moments Family Bible” won’t reveal his name because of the constant death threats he gets.  And these are pages that simply quote the Bible.  Rather than check to see if they’re accurate, people would instead prefer to become angry and shut them down and make threats.  Now that’s frightening.