Again, asking for prayers on FB

Saw on Facebook this morning, someone is asking for prayers for someone diagnosed with cancer who is “starting chemo”.  They said, “you can’t have too many prayers”.  It’s absolutely bizarre to me that in 2017 people continue to pray to the invisible sky god, while undergoing medical treatment.  Their cancer may regress, then it may come back.  It may work, it may not.  If prayers worked, the cancer would be cured.  Nobody prays that the cancer “only comes back once or twice”.

How much is this chemo going to cost?  Do they have good medical insurance?  Do they need to start a “GoFundMe” account?  God doesn’t pay the medical bills.  Why not JUST pray – it’s cheaper…

On a side note, you know what they didn’t have in the Bible when people (supposedly) lived to be 900?  Telephones, ambulances, chemotherapy, etc.  Then god “shortened the life span to 120”.  Because that’s the only explanation for why we no longer live to be 900.

Why would god cause someone to have cancer?  It would have to be because they didn’t live the way he wanted.  But do we go by Jesus’ list or the OT list?  Do we go by the 600+ Jewish laws?

If God could heal cancer, it would be God that caused the cancer.

And finally, if you believe in God, and believe that heaven awaits you on the other side, why get chemo?  Why not want to go to heaven where you don’t have to deal with the IRS, health insurance, politics, traffic, debt climate change, etc.

I  think we ask for prayers out of habit.  Desperation.