Health insurance debate

I find it highly ironic (?) that in the midst of the health insurance debate (debacle?) John McCain is diagnosed with brain cancer from which he may not recover.  Despite that, I have seen numerous instances of people online saying they are praying for him.

If prayer worked, we wouldn’t need health insurance would we?



Facebook pages related to God

If you search “God” on Facebook, you get a plethora of hits.  Some are referred to as “public figures” some as “fictional characters”, some as “interests”.   The one with the most followers is “God” listed as an interest, with 7,661,375 followers.  Second to this is Godvine, with 6,829,861 followers. Third is “God”  listed as “fictional character” with 5,040,604 followers, which cracks me up.  I would have thought that the person was making a parody account by characterizing him as a fictional character.

Godvine also has another page on FB called, “God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them”.  That’s some deep shit there.  So you don’t have to pray after all.  All those people that say, ‘he didn’t stop molesting you because you weren’t praying hard enough’ don’t know what they’re talking about.  Or maybe it’s that God understands our prayers, but doesn’t answer them or answers them with a resounding, “no”.   Why would a “loving god” not fix the problem you’re praying about – be it take you out of pain from cancer, or stop a tornado from hitting your house, or whatever.  If “God can do anything” and “God answers all prayers” God would do you you wanted, and not just give you an answer you don’t want to hear, right?

I was also looking again at all the “pray for ________” pages on Facebook. In the first 25 or so I looked at, all of them, 100% were receiving medical attention.  7 had an obvious link to a fundraiser, usually gofundme. Seems they could pray that their medical bills would get paid but they don’t.  Most did not get better; their Facebook pages went on for months.  Many were newborns or infants.  The medical issues ranged from near drowning to pedestrian hit and run to brain cancer. Most were some kind of systemic health issue they were born with. One guy, a car accident victim, posted a link to a product for quads that facilitated the whole bathroom issue.  Prayers weren’t working, apparently. If prayer worked, that product wouldn’t exist.

If they didn’t pray and only received medical attention, would the doctors not do their best?

If prayer worked, this whole mess with Obamacare wouldn’t exist.  You wouldn’t need health insurance.  People wouldn’t be testifying in front of congress about how “if it weren’t for Obamacare, I wouldn’t be here”. Guess they didn’t pray hard enough, either.